BON Token

BON utility token is the currency of the Bonpay ecosystem.
BON brings its holders benefits and access to the VIP Bonpay services.


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Why Bonpay

Bonpay is a digital payment system based on Blockchain. We provide our customers with an easy way to send and accept Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, transfer them to fiat and overall trade in a fast and reliable manner.

BON is a utility token for the Bonpay ecosystem. It provides our users with exclusive features that are unavailable otherwise.

BON started trading in October 2017, as a part of the Bonpay Initial Token Sale. During the Initial Token Sale we gathered 22 000 ETH and created 21 745 688 tokens, which is the total supply. This means, that no additional BON tokens will be created. For public we offered 11 290 301 tokens, which is the current circulating supply. And this number will increase in future, so the circulating supply will become 85% of all the created BON tokens.

Why Bonpay
Community Tokens


BON Token is meant to be useful for its owners — you pay with it for the Premium Bonpay services that are not available otherwise. The price of the token is determined only by the rules of free market with 51% of BON tokens being granted to casual users during the token sale. And 85% of BON tokens will be distributed to public community in future.

Tokens for
Public sale
for business
dev and
operating issues
for early ITS participants
founders and employees

Join Bonpay VIP Circle

BON Token holders get early access to the new Bonpay features, as well as some special offers.


Reasons to Buy BON Token


No fees on card processing

We appreciate your support of our project. That’s why all BON Token holders get a massive discount on Bonpay Card payment processing. In order to activate this feature, you need to freeze 50 tokens on your Bonpay account.

Card Design

VIP card design

Get yourself an even more refined Bonpay Card! In addition to looking sleek, Black Cards grant access to the cashback service, as well as new Bonpay features that are still in testing phase. Black Cards are available for all BON token holders.



Bitcoin transfer takes almost an hour to approve, which sometimes is highly inconvenient. Using the Flash-Freeze, your Bitcoin transactions become instantaneous, as long as they do not exceed the amount of BON tokens frozen on your account.

Token Details

Contact Adress
Bonpay Contact Address:
Token Symbol
Token Symbol: BON
Decimals: 18
Token Details

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Bonpay is currently preparing the legal documents to soft launch financial services in Europe. At the moment, some financial services are not provided and cards are not yet offered. The list of services will presumably be expanded once they are ready.